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Duel sim Tele Calling Softwares And Modem


Product Description

1.1 OverviewThe device is a Advertising machine terminal which have two GSM Module,a telephone interface,can automatically call phone number,automatically play IVR recording,and User can set up the automatic response process when call in and call out.It can effectively improve the efficiency of telephone marketing.


1.2 Main features

*Maxinum store 15000 outgoing call phone number and 1000 incoming call recording

*Incoming call and outgoing call control flow

*Two wireless modules in turn calling, and realize remote control

*SMM card store sound recording file,support mp3,wave file formats,maximum support 32G card

*Doc matrix LCD display

*One press key,used to open/pause calling task and check task device status

*1 RJ11 interface,used to connect telephone,local control or normal outgoing call

*2 USB interface,one used to transmit voice file,equal to the U disk, another used to connect the PC of control software

*DC 12V external power supply,can also use 5V power bank for charging

1.5 Computer software setting

1) When the computer connect below USB interface,there will be a USB device,after the driver is installed,it appear a COM port,the WIN10 operating system comes with the driver.


2) Open the computer software,choose COM port and click “online” button,then you can see the working status of the device on the status screen.


3) The status of device:

This page include as below:

*GSM module:current working status,signal,incoming/outgoing call numbers,IMEI,IMSI,Call statistics information.

*Call task:call task status,task statistics,number recording(include call number,outgoing call time,talk time,press key recording,call result).There are also stop,start,delete,new,export button.

*Incoming recording:include call number,incoming time,talk time,press key recording,processing result.There are also delete,export button.


4) Configuration

This page can be set GSM Volume,microphone sensitivity,automatic call enable,automatic call dialing interval,hold time,maximum talk time,task start time,task time control,administrator phone number,call completion whether send massages to the administrator,the content of the messages.


5) Outgoing IVR Configuration

The process of outgoing IVR total have 13,1 root process,10 IVR process,1 turn to landline process,1 turn to mobile phone process.First go to root process when the telephone is connected,so the root process does not allow closed,other process can choose to open or close,every process has a message content,a voice recording file serial number setting,10 sets events,event parameter,action,action parameter.Specific meaning is:

Event:can select button and overtime

Event parameter:when the event is button,the input parameter is any one of 0-9,* #,when event is overtime,the input parameter is 1-10000,indicating that corresponding overtime in seconds.

Action:can select skipping to the next process,send SMS,hang up

Action parameter:when the action skip to the next process,this parameter is effective,corresponding parameter will be serial number of next process.When action is used to send SMS,SMS content can be set in the “SMS content”input box of current page,

When the action is used to hang up,no action parameter are needed.


6) Incoming IVR Configuration

It is basically the same as the Outgoing IVR configuration


7) Software upgrade

Select a new device software,click the upgrade button,the device will be upgrade automatically



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